Sunday, September 13, 2009

Should I leave "shit" in there?

I've had a couple of people effectively patting me on the back about the content of this blog (what little there is), and I got to thinking about the little description tag line of it.

"My own thoughts on life, things I see every day, and shit that I think everyone needs to pay attention to."

I think I'm gonna change it slightly...

"My own thoughts on life, things I see every day, and shit that I think everyone needs to be aware of and think about."

Because that's what I think it's all about. Thinking. Too many people don't do it. Sure, I'm gonna write with a bit of a conservative slant, because that's how I lean. But I want people to think for themselves, and not be led on by what someone else says, or what they've "heard".

I'm a naive person. I trust people too easily, and tend to believe what I hear, when I hear it, almost no matter what the source. I'm not an inherently skeptical person. I believe in the better nature of the human spirit. I believe that all people, deep down, want to do what's moraly right, even if those morals are skewed.

And that's just the reason that we need to think about the bombardment of information that's readily available today. I listened to Obama's speech to congress last Wednesday about health care. Sure, on the surface, alot of it sounded pretty good actually. But when I started to think about some of it afterwards, it came off very hinky.

Some of the comentators out there (that I've linked to before) are better and faster at thinking about it than I am, so I'll leave analysys to them.Some of thier arguments make a lot of sense when you look at facts. Sometimes they fly off the handle and over-react to little things. I've also looked at some of the liberal blogs out there, and more often than not they seem to base things on incorrect conclusions, and just be flying off the handle for it's own sake. The point is to use your head and draw your own conclusions.

We visited my Aunt Laura in Quincy before going to the Tea Party. She has a very liberal mindset. She grew up with the hippies in California in the late 60's and 70's, as I understand it. She disagreed with me on a lot of things political while we were talking, but she was glad that I was taking an interest. She also had a great piece of advice, even if I was already kind of aware of it: "Don't take things at face value. There's a lot of mis-information out there."

Of course, for me the irony was that when we were leaving for the rally, she told us to be carefull, "There might be white suppremisists there."

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