Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tea party schtuff with piles of linkeys

Gordon and I went to Quincy, IL today 09-12-09 for the tea party protest. There are good pictures and info here and here on The Gatway Pundit,, and here on The Dana Show. Hopefully, I'll not be a lazy ass for too long and put up some of my own pics and video that we took. Dana Loesch writes a great piece on the origins of the Tea Party movement here on

What also went on today was a march on Washington in the same spirit. Info here on The Gateway Pundit, here on Instapundit, and here on Hotair. The estimates go that there were upwards of 2 million people there. Wow.

Even Moonbattery has a pile of pics from both these and other gatherings today. Some of these have video too. (I think this site goes too far to the right sometimes, but these are good illustrations of whats going on) : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

My favorite part of all the coverage though is the article from MSNBC (Biased as all shit alert):
Thousands pack D.C. to Protest Spending and Taxes

Time Lapse video of the crowds in D.C. in the morning:

Really? Just thousands?

I read some of the comment sections on a lot of these and other articles about the Washington D.C. rally that were posted a day or two ago. Something that I noticed (although not for the first time) were the many distainful to childish to outright hateful comments made ripping on the people involved in these protests.

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